Membership - Belfair 1811

Members of Belfair have exclusive access to extraordinary golf and lifestyle benefits around the world!

Members receive reciprocal access to other private clubs in the Troon Privé portfolio at a preferred Privé Privilege rate, and up to 50% off at Troon Golf-managed resort and daily fee facilities around the world.

All members can choose to receive Troon Privé Connect, our digital magazine developed specifically for the private clubs, as well as access to experience packages through Privileged Connections and premium tickets to sporting and concert events at the best price.


This is a place where people go to live. Every home and homesite within the community includes include a Belfair Family Membership. Over 75% of Members call Belfair their primary home. Property Owner Memberships transfer with the sale or resale of the property.


You have the option to purchase a membership from a select number of Non-Property Owner Memberships offered, without living in the community. The club maintains a list of the memberships that are listed for sale and negotiations dealing with the transfer of the membership are at the discretion of both parties.

Interested In NPO Membership?

Non-Property Owner memberships For Sale.



The Avenue of the Oaks welcomes you to our neighborhood with its spectacular natural beauty. Our members share a passion for great golf, an active and social lifestyle and always being there for their friends and neighbors. Whatever you are looking for in the way of the perfect Dream Home, Belfair is ready to help you.